Mezze Bistro + Bar Seeks Career-minded Cooks

Mezze Bistro + Bar in Williamstown is seeking career-minded cooks to work in a professional kitchen environment.

Mezze Restaurant Group is committed to the ‘buy local’ mission providing a wide range of fresh, seasonal foods from neighboring family farms, celebrating the bounty of our region. (Our group has been purchasing from local farmers since our flagship restaurant opened in 1996.) The group is focused on staff education, training and hands-on management to create a higher-quality dining experience for patrons.

Our job positions offer a terrific opportunity to work in a kitchen that is committed to buying only the best ingredients available. We do real cooking from raw ingredients, including butchering whole animals and utilizing all their parts. Everything served is made in-house. We are willing to work with all skill levels, and being a team player is a must.

Compensation is based on experience. If interested, please do not call about this job position;  send email to <>.