December Cocktail Demo Days at Guido’s in Great Barrington

The act of multi-tasking is an undeniable saving grace during the wild winter holiday season. Luckily, Guido’s Fresh Marketplace has everything on your December grocery list covered. Where else can you pick up organic produce, free-range chicken, beautiful flowers for the holiday dinner table and an arsenal of homeopathic remedies to cure your post New Year’s eve “cold”?  In addition to gorgeous fruits, veggies and natural foods, Guido’s also carries a wonderful selection of beer and wine suitable for any celebration (find beer + wine in the Pittsfield location, and travel down to Great Barrington if you’re looking for spirits as well).

Photo by Angela Cardinalli

If you’ve been hoping to elevate your holiday beverage offerings this year, you’re in luck. Allium Restaurant + Bar is teaming up with Guido’s Fresh Marketplace in Great Barrington to offer demonstrations on classic cocktails that are perfect for holiday entertaining. Allium bartenders Walter, Billy and Adam will be stationed throughout the GB store mixing up aperitif-based cocktails, classic cocktails and sours, collins + fizzes for your sipping pleasure. They’ll be sharing all of the necessary techniques, advice about ingredients and tips for stocking your holiday bar.

This year, embrace the virtue of multi-tasking (shopping, drinking and learning… wow, we really outdid ourselves this time!) Join Allium Restaurant + Bar’s special guest bartenders at Guido’s Fresh Marketplace in Great Barrington for December Cocktail Demo Days on Saturday, December 15th and Saturday December, 29th, from 12pm-2pm. For more information, visit the December Cocktail Demo Days event on Facebook.