The Communal Winter Table

Winter is about getting close and cozy, keeping warm, and sticking together. If any population knows how to approach colder temps with an unmistakable air of grace and style, it’s the inhabitants of Scandinavian countries. In Sweden, the depths of winter are accompanied by a sunset at 3 pm! Swedes are experts at bringing light and joy into those cold, dark winters. During February at both Allium and Mezze Bistro, we’ll be sharing elements of Scandinavian food, drink, design and music that we find inspiring.


In the interest of sticking together, we’ve teamed up with Deidre and Emma of VINTAGE and Connie of Griffin GB to redesign the Allium lounge area. We’re feeling very fortunate to be surrounded by local, creative businesses that share our spirit of collaboration and the desire to shake things up.

The new space is furnished with a nod to Scandinavian design and culture, but its main purpose is to bring people together. It’s fun to imagine the changing landscape of people that will come and go from the table along the windows. Whether strangers or friends, we hope that this area will allow people to enjoy the company of one another and take solace from the cold winter nights. Take a look…




Libbey candleholders and vintage antlers


A rustic workbench table with plenty of room



Emma (from VINTAGE) puts the finishing touches on our fish friend


Nancy (of Allium) sitting pretty on a simple, modern stool


Nice work, Deidre (of VINTAGE)

A big thanks to our friends from VINTAGE and Griffin GB who have transformed the space with their beautiful wares. Can’t wait to join them for a glass of aquavit around the communal winter table!

To stay informed of special Scandinavian-inspired menu items (think smoked + cured fish, pickled things, vodka and aquavit) at both restaurants, be sure to “Like” the Allium Facebook and Mezze Bistro + Bar Facebook pages. Stay warm!