Union & Field Art Opening at Allium on June 23

Allium Restaurant + Bar will host an opening presented by Union & Field, featuring selected works from Berkshire-based artists Maureen Meyer and Timothy Nazzaro on Thursday, June 23, from 6 to 8 pm. The event is free and open to the public, with light snacks and a cash bar, and will take place prior to the start of Vinyl Night, a weekly music event at Allium.

The current Allium exhibit is a combination of site-specific installations and existing contemporary works exploring photography, fabric manipulation, found objects and storytelling. Meyer and Nazzaro are the exclusive featured artists for this first installation. Union & Field’s exhibited works will evolve over time and are available for sale.

When Union & Field was first approached about the project, their initial reaction was to “keep things simple, and make it personal.” A wall of keys collected from friends around the world are spaciously arranged next to a portrait of a woman, whose negative was found in a box of mystery photographs purchased at an estate sale. In a white frame and attached to handmade paper is a piece of fabric dyed in indigo with areas of resist, creating an x-ray-like image that Meyer uses as inspiration for her current series of acrylic paintings. Two of Nazzaro’s gelatin silver photographs taken in Big Sur are placed between an informal collection of smaller printed materials pinned to the wall and a large scale, inkjet print depicting the final seven photographs taken with a malfunctioning Polaroid camera.

Maureen Meyer and Timothy Nazzaro met in New York City, both working in the fashion industry. They relocated to North Adams in 2008 to pursue their interest in fine art and reconnect with nature. In 2010 they founded Union & Field. Union & Field is a salon for contemporary art set in the domestic interior loft of artists Maureen Meyer and Timothy Nazzaro, an industrial space that was once home to a 19th-Century textile mill in North Adams, Mass. The salon unites artists working predominately in the visual arts in an intimate and engaging setting to stimulate unique, uninhibited experiences with contemporary art and culture. It provides an inviting space for visitors that transcends the exhibition site of a conventional commercial gallery and the formalities that often accompany it, instead fostering an open field for dialogue and viewing without limitations.

Additional works may be viewed at Union & Field by appointment. Please contact Timothy Nazzaro and Maureen Meyer at 413.776.9442 or visit for additional information.



For event and restaurant information: Troy Kinser, Allium manager – 413.528.2118 or <>

For information on the works and artists: Timothy Nazzaro and Maureen Meyer – 413.776.9442 |