Pate Makes its Way to the Berkshire Grown Harvest Supper

Allium and Mezze Bistro had some great fun at the sold-out Berkshire Grown Harvest Supper at Eastover this past Monday. Guests filled the room and weaved, tackled and rushed their way through 30 or so restaurant options to sample some great eats. Tomatoes, corn, apples, goat cheese, local meats and all things seasonal were the stars of the evening. Those of us who were lucky enough to attend as guests ate a little more than one should, topped off with the yummiest of Berkshire Mountain Distillers’ Ethereal Gin — my favorite!

The Allium table featured Wannabea Farm Truffled Rabbit Pate, Indian Line Farm Pickled Carrots, Pear Mostarda + Mustard Peals created by chef Chris Amendola. At the other end of the room, Mezze Bistro offered East Mountain Farm Pork Pate on Vermont Wheat Cracker served with Pickled Local Onions and Whole-grain Mustard. Kim Wells of East Mountain Farm joined us at the Mezze table and we were so glad to have him!

Rural Intelligence, our favorite style section of the Berkshires, was present to capture some great photos of the Night of the Flying Forks. Looking forward to next year as this is, indeed, my absolute favorite food event in the region!