Allium Features New Work from Sean Riley

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If you are an Allium regular, you’ve probably noticed we like to change things up pretty regularly, especially the art. When you visit a restaurant to eat, you are not there just for the food, but the whole dining experience. Your experience as our guest is affected by everything that is happening at the restaurant, including what graces our walls.


We also believe every decision we make in the restaurant helps to tell a story. Whatever that story is — and it changes — is based in community. And that is one of the reasons we love showcasing art on our walls — it gives us a chance to feature the work of talented artists who live right here in our region.

Violet__Fan_Folds copyRight now, we are excited to feature selected works from Berkshire-based artist Sean Riley. Sean is showing a new body of work at Allium including paintings on panel and dyed-paper collages. These colorful works evoke certain qualities of fabric and use patterns that fold in upon themselves in origami-like fashions that give rise to a tension between flat and three-dimensional space. In his new collage work, Sean brings together his painting and fabric disciplines. He uses tape as a “resist” to create patterns on the paper with watered-down acrylic paint. He then uses this new “raw material” to create new forms. Sean says “The collages are then glued and/or sewn together to create forms that now exist somewhere between a dwelling, an article of clothing and a shield.”


To celebrate Sean’s new work hanging at Allium, we are hosting a reception Thursday, June 6th   from 5 pm to 7 pm. Please join us for some complimentary snacks, and raise a glass to his exciting new work.

Additional works by Sean Riley can be viewed at