From Our Kitchen to Yours — Thanksgiving Prepared by Mezze Catering + Mezze Bistro


What better way to relax and enjoy our most favorite food holiday of the year? All the fixin’s AND the turkey prepared by our chefs for your friends and family at home.

Thanksgiving To Go for the Holidays

Our full menu is included below. To place an order, email or call Mezze Catering at 413.458.8745 (9 am -3 pm) | Mezze Bistro at 413.458.0123 (3 pm – 9 pm). All orders to be picked up on Wednesday, November 23rd between 12 pm & 9 pm. If you need to make special arrangements for pick-up, please inquire.

Call in your order before it’s too late. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Please note: Mezze Bistro + Bar will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.


Celebrating 20 Years of Restaurant Madness


In celebration of Mezze Bistro turning 20 this year, the following blog post is excerpted from Bo Peabody’s article dated May 18, 2016 on LinkedIn.

I’ve Run Many Businesses, But Never Experienced Anything Like The Madness Of A Restaurant

In the restaurant business, longevity is a rare commodity. It’s not only ingredients that are seasonal. Staff come and go; menus change; leases can be difficult to renew; and over time, guests tire of any particular dish or vibe. It’s unlikely that any given restaurant you went to ten years ago is still there. And if it is, they’ve surely made some changes. Restaurants are less a brand than they are a product of the people who inhabit them — the chefs who whip up the curiosity, the waitstaff that serve the aura, and the guests who attend to the enthusiasm.

Restaurants that do last are an anomaly, carried forward by a random assortment of good luck, great staff, creative offerings and an ability to adapt and change.

Restaurants, such as Le Bernardin, Daniel and Gramercy Tavern have all been around for more than 20 years, and are classics because of their tenure. These restaurants are just three of the 53 restaurants we rate at Renzell, a company I founded last year. Renzell is dedicated to changing the way restaurants are rated by using a data-driven methodology. We create a unique rating system by using data from a comprehensive survey taken by Renzell Members each time they dine out. Our first annual ratings will be released this September.

But I’ve also seen the longevity as a restaurant owner. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Mezze Bistro and Bar, a restaurant in Williamstown, Massachusetts, I co-own with Nancy Thomas. We operate two restaurants up in the Berkshires, an area not immune to the difficulties of maintaining a steady business. The area has a number of challenges: seasonal tourist traffic, a shrinking base population, and demand that is very event-driven (Tanglewood, skiing, etc.). It also has one huge asset: local farmers and producers. Understanding the rhythms of these challenges and assets is at the core of our success. We don’t take it lightly that we’ve managed to last this long, and we celebrate everything that brought us to this remarkable milestone.

Running a restaurant for 20 years means 20 years of memories — of chefs who moved us forward, dishes that delighted and dared, servers that became cult of personalities, cocktails that soothed, and a whole lot of crazy shit that happened night after night.

Since 1996, we’ve had three locations and a fire (the entire place burned down!); seven head chefs, 14 front-of-house managers, more than 350 waitstaff; two lost liquor licenses for unauthorized after-hours staff parties (totally worth it, by the way); seven guests removed for drunkenness, one dream table: Gwyneth, Blythe, Spielberg, Capshaw; one dream order: Bradley Cooper eating salad, soup, followed by another salad; eight hospital trips for burns and cuts; too many rummaging bears to count; several broken walk-in freezers; 250 dance parties; 300+ weddings; nine proposals (that we know of); two drag queen cabarets; two fringe floats in the Williamstown 4th of July Parade; 2 Heimlich’s (both, thankfully, successful); a screening party for the premier of The Restaurateur with both Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio in the house; an accounting scandal that almost ended everything; two restroom sex scandals; one employee fired for drug dealing; many, many rock and roll shows; dropping off ONE sandwich at a private jet in North Adams (you know who you are); one court appearance for a donut caper; several coming out parties; 8 Halloween parties (it takes two years to recover from each one); and over 1,000,000 dining experiences delivered.

All of these things brought us to the brink of ruin but are the underpinning of our longevity. It takes a family (and yes, a few scandals) to get you through the years. In 1996, just a few months after we opened, a weary traveler came in one late night after we had closed. She was hungry and eager for someone to talk to. Nancy made her a salad with some cheese and bread, her own choice for a late-night nourishment. That woman has returned to Mezze for the entire 20 years. It really is the small things.

– Mezze Restaurant Group Co-owner Bo Peabody

Through The Kitchen Window: A Mezze Night to Remember


Photo credit FED Guides

Back in the kitchen, a team of all-star cooks reviewed the coming experience with the service staff as forks were handed out during shift meeting – everyone eager for a taste of the entire menu. The kitchen crew – many of whom were comrades from past times and now-new places – sparked an infectious party mood as they awaited their previews. Happy faces all around.

Photo credit Bill Wright

Photo credit Bill Wright


Photo credit Bill Wright

Photo credit Bill Wright


Photo credit Bill Wright

Photo credit Bill Wright


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides



Photo credit FED Guides



Photo credit FED Guides

This team of local celebrities led by the renowned Joji Sumi were about to present a raft of specialty dishes for an ultimate dining event – the East Coast debut of a San Francisco pop-up ‘Through the Kitchen Window.’ Surely, this was a gig worth tasting and celebrating as much as working. I know I was pleased to join in the fun in every sense – the food, the experience, the company and… did I mention the food?


Photo credit Bill Wright



Photo credit Bill Wright


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides



Photo credit Bill Wright


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides

The champions manning the back of house were literally stars in their own right, each able to draw out the crowd for a treat as a solo act, let alone together: Dan Hardy – former Allium and Mezze Catering chef, now chef at The Clark with Starr Catering Group; Vi Huu Wood – Joji’s former foraging mate and Mezze line cook for several years – now a farmer and cheesemaker at Berle Farm in Hoosick, NY; Bjorn Somlo – chef-owner at Nudel Restaurant in Lenox, a man who breathes his very own inspired local mantra; and, of course, Nick Moulton – the current chef at Mezze Bistro with five years of working with Joji under his belt, now delivering his own brand of deliciousness every night of the week.

A dream team, indeed.

Photo credit FED Guides

Chef Dan Hardy (R) (Photo credit FED Guides)



Chef Vi Huu Wood (Photo credit Bill Wright)


Photo credit FED Guides

Chef Bjorn Somlo (C) (Photo credit FED Guides)


Photo credit FED Guides

Chef Joji Sumi (Photo credit FED Guides)


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides

Abuzz with excitement, I sat at a table with some friends and media professionals amid a roomful of Mezze regulars and Joji groupies – each of us barely containing our anticipation of this knockout team’s presentation. From farmer Kim Wells, whose pigs were always a main ingredient on Joji’s menus in past years, to a host of friends from nearby and afar – the energy was palpably high and peaking. By 6 pm, when the hot pink MASS MoCA drink cart rolled out with a bubbly Caitlin Harrison presenting a bright and festive spring beverage collection alongside manager Amy Mendes sprinting across the floor – it was a full-on party.

Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides



Photo credit FED Guides



Photo credit FED Guides


Photo credit Bill Wright

Wine Fairy Caitlin Harrison (Photo credit Bill Wright)

And not long after, as the impatient and eager crowd debated a kitchen invasion, the dim sum food carts emerged, bathed in the glowing light of sunset – and became the center of every mouth-watering conversation. Suddenly, everyone was into instant gratification. Our table was not immune to this deeply satisfying point-and-click menu experience.

Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides


Photo credit Bill Wright

Photo credit Bill Wright


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides

We ordered one of everything. Well… almost everything. Just as we realized we’d missed the steamed buns, they were gone. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Distracted by the family-style, shared plate of Roasted Pig Head with Peking Pancakes, Scallions and Peanut Sauce…well, let’s just say nobody had room left, in any case. Pacing and restraint had been rather roughly discarded in place of full-on hedonistic joy.

Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides



Photo credit Bill Wright


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides



Photo credit Bill Wright

Yet somehow, there was still room for dessert – some kind of miracle, really… Chef Marianne Comella did not disappoint. Her lemongrass-frosted mini-donuts and ice cream sandwich bites bathed in a dense fudge sauce had us shamefully scraping the plates for more. I’m not above admitting that some rather overly aggressive sharing may have taken place among the four of us.

Photo credit FED Guides

Chef Marianne Comella (Photo credit FED Guides)


Photo credit FED Guides

Photo credit FED Guides

Later, although sooner than it felt possible… it was all over. The servers were happy. The guests were happy. The chefs were content. (It’s not in their nature to be happy.) And, I was ready to sign up to do it all again next year. Possibly even sooner, once I had a good lie down.

All in all, it was one of the best anniversary parties I’ve been to and my favorite of the Mezze 20th Anniversary celebration events this year.

Many thanks to the exceptional Mezze crew, with extra special kudos to Nancy and Amy. Thanks to Bill Wright and Nick and Robin from FED Guides for joining us on this glorious evening and for sharing your beautiful photography. Thank you, all-star chef team. And to Joji, thank you for making your way out east and for leading the charge. (I’m serious about not waiting another five years before bringing you back through *our* kitchen window…)

— Angela*



Photo credit Bill Wright



Photo credit Bill Wright


* In the spirit of full disclosure, the author of this blog post is the lucky duck who has been working with Mezze Restaurant Group for nine years as marketing maven. She does not write in first person often, but this event in particular, warranted a personal essay to honor the experience.

Through the Kitchen Window: Mezze Dim Sum Pop-Up on May 18th

Through the Kitchen Window:

A Dim Sum Cart-Style Pop-Up Dinner with Chef Joji Sumi

Wednesday, May 18 at Mezze Bistro




In celebration of Mezze Bistro’s 20th Anniversary this year, we welcome back former chef Joji Sumi from San Francisco to cook up a Dim Sum cart-style dinner on Wednesday, May 18th. Joji has been presenting ‘Through the Kitchen Window‘ pop-up dinners on the West Coast and will be joined by a crew of excellent guest chefs from all around the Berkshires. The kitchen team will include Nudel chef Bjorn Somlo, former Allium chef Dan Hardy (current chef at The Clark), Mezze chef Nick Moulton and former Mezze sous chef Vi Huu Wood (now cheesemaker and farmer at Berle Farm). And, Caitlin Harrison, featured wine fairy of the evening, will be pushing the dim sum carts with us!

Tables are going fast… Call Mezze Bistro + Bar at 413.458.0123 to reserve.


A sampling of the Dim Sum menu:

Spring Vegetables, Feta, Pickled Mushroom, Charred Asparagus Jus

Brassica, Cured Arctic Char, Herbs, Caper Dressing

Octopus, Duck Merguez, Fregola, Yogurt

Sweetbreads, Ham, Egg, Watercress

Paratha Samosa, Spring Peas, Coriander Chutney

Kofta Kebabs, Yogurt, Pickled Ramp, Naan

Shorty’s Pork Gyoza

Mushroom Dumpling

Pork Bun

Brochettes of Grilled Radish, Nettle Pesto, Sunflower Seeds, Lemon

Button Mushroom Escabeche, Smoked Paprika, Shallot, Green Olives

Carrot, Rye and Horseradish Pâté, Salted Beef Fat Toast, Cabbage

Jalapeño Poppers

Wil Brokaw Avocado, Crab, Cucumber, Nori Crispies

Duck Wings, Honey, Miso Sauce

PEI Mussels, Green Chorizo, Green Garlic Broth

DBJ: Duck Liver, Strawberry Jam, Almond Butter

Pig Face Taco: Chinese-spiced Testa, Cabbage, Salsa Verde

Fish Ceviche, Ginger, Citrus, Avocado

Shared Plates:

Please note the following options are limited large plates, meant to be shared at the table with friends.

Whole Fried Fish, Black Bean Sauce, Fried Rice*

Roasted Pig Head, Peking Pancakes, Radish Sprouts, Hoisin*

  • If you would like to pre-order either dishes (or both!), please let us know when making your reservation so we can save them for you.






Photo credit Angela Cardinali


A farmer’s tribute to Chef Joji Sumi can be viewed here.


Mother’s Day Brunch at Mezze on May 8th



A la carte menu items will include:

Continental Housemade Bread Basket
Gammelgarden Skyr with Fresh Fruit + Granola
Cured Salmon with Deviled Eggs, Parsley + Lemon
Farm Eggs, Housemade Bacon, Toast
Soft-scrambled Eggs with Ramp Butter + Everything Bagel Crumbs
Gammelgarden Buttermilk Biscuits and Black Pepper Gravy with Housemade Ham, Eggs + Ramps
Brioche French Toast with Fruit Compote and Ioka Valley Farm Maple Syrup
Roasted Hen of the Woods Mushrooms with English Peas, Fava Beans, Ham + Egg Yolk
Vegetable Hash with Ramp Hollandaise + Poached Egg
Fried Chicken with Creamy Grits, Collard Greens + Maple Butter
Pork Carnitas Tacos
Steak Frites with Braised Onions, Shoestring Fries + Malt Vinegar Aioli

Book your table with Mezze Bistro at 413.458.0123.


Lunchbox Love Note
By Kenn Nesbitt

Inside my lunch
to my surprise
a perfect heart-shaped
love note lies.

The outside says,
“Will you be mine?”
and, “Will you be
my valentine?”

I take it out
and wonder who
would want to tell me
“I love you.”

Perhaps a girl
who’s much too shy
to hand it to me
eye to eye.

Or maybe it
was sweetly penned
in private by
a secret friend

Who found my lunchbox
sitting by
and slid the note in
on the sly.

Oh, I’d be thrilled
if it were Jo,
the cute one in
the second row.

Or could it be
from Jennifer?
Has she found out
I’m sweet on her?

My mind’s abuzz,
my shoulders tense.
I need no more
of this suspense.

My stomach lurching
in my throat,
I open up
my little note.

Then wham! as if
it were a bomb,
inside it reads,
“I love you—Mom.”

Pizza Tuesday: An Allium Guest Favorite


Illustration by Miriam Ross

Pizza Tuesdays at Allium in Great Barrington are happenin’ every week:

Wood-fired Neapolitan pizza ($13), or a chef’s choice pizza with special toppings for $16.
Served 5 to 9:30 p.m.
Like” our Facebook page and receive updates each week.

Reservations are recommended. Call 413.528.2118 or visit OpenTable.


Illustration by Miriam Ross

Illustration by Miriam Ross

Illustration by Miriam Ross

Illustration by Miriam Ross


Illustration by Miriam Ross

Illustration by Miriam Ross

Pizza Tuesday

Illustration by Miriam Ross

To see more of Miriam Ross’ work, please visit her on Instagram at @miriamjubette.



Women Winemakers’ Dinner at Mezze on March 18


Friday, March 18 at 6 pm

Join Berkshire Organics, Oz Wine Company, and Mezze Bistro to celebrate female winemakers and their work. Mezze Bistro will offer a tasting menu with wine pairings from female winemakers across Europe, with Oz Wine Company owner Andrew Bishop dropping tidbits of knowledge along the way. The evening begins at 6 pm and Chef Nicholas Moulton will present five-courses to accompany the wine selection.



Welcome Wine
Sparkling Rose Filipa Pato 3B Beiras, PT n/v

Raw Mackerel, Toasted Wheat, Blood Orange, Avocado
Sauvignon Blanc Domaine Adele Rouze Quincy Loire Valley, FR 2014

Slow-cooked Carrot, Feta, Vadouvan, Kale
Chenin Blanc Domaine De La Bergerie Anjou Blanc Loire Valley, FR 2013

Octopus Bolognese, Parsley Cavatelli
Uva Rara Cantina Castaldi Francesca Piedmont, IT 2013

Heritage Breek Pork, Maine Yellow-eye Beans, Cabbage
Red Bordeaux Chateau Falfas Bordeaux, FR 2014

Local Cheese Plate
Lambrusco Villa di Corlo Emilia-Romagna, IT n/v

Five-course Prix Fixe Menu for $68 per person. Price does not include tax or gratuity.

Please call Mezze Bistro + Bar at 413.458.0123 to reserve a table.





Adele Rouze

Cantina Castaldi Francesca



Filipa Pato



BO Logo 2015

A Tribute to Chef Joji at Mezze Bistro

Kim Wells of East Mountain Farm Shares His Favorite Menu at Mezze


The celebration of Mezze Bistro’s 20th Anniversary this month got me thinking of the special meals I’ve had at Mezze over the years. Many of them were with Joji Sumi, a big fan of using pork and an experienced chef who practiced nose-to-tail cooking. Every other week, Joji would butcher a whole pig from my farm to make charcuterie and create mouth-watering dishes for the restaurant’s seasonal menu.


Joji would visit my farm regularly and bring along his kitchen team to see where their food was coming from. They would save compost scraps from the kitchen for the pigs, which created this fantastic closed-circuit system of local food. Early on, I remember a time when Joji came up to the farm to see the pigs and a large heritage breed pig emerged from the forest. Its jowls were so large it could barely see past them. Joji was transfixed but finally turned to me and said, “I’m in love.”

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship ;-)


My most memorable and passionate meal at Mezze was the “pork-tastic” banquet Joji created for us at the end of August in 2010. I had just started selling a side of pork to Mezze and the first one I brought in was from a heritage breed pig with the usual two to three inches of fatback. Joji was quietly inspecting the pig and, given his expression, I thought he might be alarmed by the quantity of fat. I asked him if something was wrong and he said, “No, this is just me being happy!”

My oldest son was visiting from California that week so my wife Lynda and I, along with my mom and dad, headed out to Mezze on a Saturday night. At first, we were handed menus but when word got to the kitchen that the farmer was in the house, the server asked for them back and said we wouldn’t need menus. Joji had a special meal planned for us. All ten courses highlighted East Mountain Farm pork. Joji’s creative talents exploded once he had the raw ingredients and we enjoyed that meal immensely. I thought, with all the nostalgia going on with Mezze’s 20th Anniversary, that you would enjoy seeing the menu from that night.

Joji's porktastic dinner

EMFkim (1)

Kim Wells of East Mountain Farm



Chef Joji Sumi, former Mezze Chef

All photos courtesy of Kim Wells of East Mountain Farm in Williamstown, Mass.


Celebrating Two Decades of Mezze Bistro


Photo credit Amy Mendes

“We are so grateful to be part of our food and hospitality community – farmers, makers, servers, chefs, diners – all the people who have helped us become who we are today.
We extend our many thanks to everyone who worked with us, for us, alongside us in celebration of turning 20 this year!” – Nancy Thomas


Vintage Menu Items, Guest Chef Dinners, Wine Dinners and Dance Parties Planned


Mezze Bistro History: Old-world Exotic Meets Casual Chic

When Nancy Thomas opened the original 50-seat Mezze Bistro + Bar in a cozy Water Street building in Williamstown in 1996, she worked the stove as chef serving up Moroccan fare with tagines and small mezze plates. Her guests were loyal fans, many from the local dot-com crowd, and the collective youthful energy sparked recurring dance parties on the deck overlooking the Green River.

opening invite (1)


Nancy Thomas, chef-owner


Remember this from 1996?

FIRSTMezzeLocation_Deck photos 2001


Chef Omar Montoya came on board in 1998 and the Mezze menu evolved to reflect his Latin-Peruvian background. During the initial years, Nancy partnered with entrepreneur and internet executive Bo Peabody of Tripod and grew the business to include other restaurants and a catering company.


Chef Omar Montoya




A fire in 2001 forced the restaurant to relocate and a newly renovated Mezze Bistro opened at the top of Water Street in May 2002, doubling the dining space. The popular bistro and bar with exposed brick walls provided a fresh platform for a modern-day dining experience when Thomas hired Chef James Tracey to craft the menu with his spin on contemporary farm-to-table fare.


Second Mezze Bistro location — Photo credit Jennifer Mardus

SECONDMezzelocation_1406.016 copy_Photocredit_Kevin_Kennefick

Second Mezze Bistro location — Photo credit Kevin Kennefick

Berk Living press 2007 JTpt. 2

Chef James Tracey in Berkshire Living Magazine


Mezze occupied their second home for eight years and welcomed Chef Joji Sumi who brought a Japanese take on seasonal cuisine to Mezze diners. During that time, Thomas opened Café Latino at MASS MoCA (now closed) and Allium in Great Barrington, while building Mezze Catering + Events to produce high-end weddings and galas in the Berkshires and New York City.

Photo credit Angela Cardinali

Chefs Dan Hardy (L) Joji Sumi (C), Nicholas Moulton (R)

From_Parris_with_Love_FABIANI CHAIR SIGNS

Photo credit From Parris with Love


Photo credit ReadyLuck

In 2010, Mezze Bistro moved to its present bucolic setting just south of Williamstown next to Sheep Hill, protected by the Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation. An eclectic mix of old and new, Nancy designed the restaurant to reflect a sense of its history – 1960s chairs from the old Taconic Restaurant down the road, outdoor furniture from Café Latino, recycled marble tops from Jae’s sushi bar which occupied the space previously, and wood from the Verdura bar where Allium is now located.

CURRENTMezzelocation_Mezze-029-Edit-lg copy_PhotoCredit_Jason_Houston

Current Mezze Bistro location — Photo credit Jason Houston

CURRENTMezzelocation_Mezze-064-Edit-lg copy_PhotoCredit_Jason_Houston

Current Mezze Bistro location — Photo credit Jason Houston

Current chef Nicholas Moulton, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who worked for four years as Mezze’s sous chef, returned to Mezze Bistro in 2014 and now leads the kitchen team serving up casual-fine food. Producing simple food that is bright and full of life, Moulton is dedicated to the nose-to-tail philosophy and is involved in the harvesting and butchering of ingredients for the restaurant’s menu. As a chef focused on regional cuisine, he places an emphasis on plant-based foods and wild ingredients that grow locally and holds a strong commitment to building awareness of the region’s terroir.

© Clay Williams /

Chef Nicholas Moulton — Photo credit Clay Williams

Eat Local

As a farm-to-table advocate with a commitment to supporting the local economy, Nancy believes cooking should be based on the finest seasonal ingredients produced by local farmers. Mezze Restaurant Group purchases more than $250,000 a year from 50 regional farms and food producers and is one of the earliest companies in the Berkshires to source locally grown and produced foods. In the Northern Berkshires, Mezze has been supporting Peace Valley Farm and East Mountain Farm for many years and Mighty Food Farm and Cricket Creek Farm since their inception. Celebrating native foods and artisan foodmakers, Nancy was the inspiration for the Berkshire Grown Holiday Farmers’ Markets, Berkshire Farm & Table’s Summer of Greylock Gin, Carhartts + Cocktails and numerous other local food-focused events in the region.

Photo credit Angela Cardinali

Photo credit Angela Cardinali

Cricket Creek at Mezze

Photo credit Amy Mendes

Upcoming Anniversary Tributes and Collaborations

In honor of the occasion, Mezze Bistro will share early menus, vintage invitations and posters, and photos of fans and friends with online Throwback Thursday highlights and themed photo albums on social media channels. In early summer, an in-house pop-up shop will highlight fun takeaway items commemorating 20 years.

maria weingarten menu valentines

Beaujolais Nouveau party 1st mez

Amazing JAZZ 1999



A series of special events are planned to commemorate Mezze Bistro’s 20th Anniversary. Guest chef and wine tasting dinners, 90s-themed dance parties, and curated arts and fashion events will take place over the next several months. Circa-1996 mixed drinks including the ever-popular Mezze gimlet, martini and cosmopolitan will be featured on the craft cocktail menu.



In recognition of the chefs who helped shape the Mezze Bistro kitchen over the last two decades, Nancy will feature favorite dishes highlighting Mezze’s culinary history on the dinner menu in addition to her Moroccan dishes from the late 1990s. Modern-day Mezze Comfort Sunday, a three-course prix fixe menu, and Pasta Wednesday, a hand-crafted affordable menu special, will continue through late spring.

Dance Party & Valentine’s Weekend

On Thursday, February 11, the official anniversary date for Mezze Bistro, Throwback Thursday postings will begin on social media channels. On Friday evening, February 12, a circa 1996 dance party featuring DJ BFG will kick off the celebration which will blend into Valentine’s Day weekend. On February 13 and 14, Mezze will highlight perfect pairings for Valentine’s Day with a large selection of sparkling wines and a la carte specials including Fruits de Mer.


For additional information about Mezze’s 20th Anniversary, please follow Mezze Bistro on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Nancy Thomas — Photo credit Angela Cardinali

Festive Menus for Family-style Fun



Just in time for holiday season, we’ve created some fun family-style dining experiences for friends and family to gather without the fuss of cleaning, prepping, cooking, hosting…

Join Mezze Bistro on the guest side of the table. Create your own event in our Private Dining Room for up to 25 guests… We’ll even set the kids’ table! Choose from one of the following family-style menus and enjoy a sit-down meal in our house.

A minimum four-day lead time is needed to coordinate these dinners. Please call 413.458.0123 for more information or to reserve a private dinner. Menus are available through December 29, 2015.

Whole Roast Chicken Dinner

Seasonal Green Salad with Italian Dressing
Lemon & Thyme-scented Chicken Jus served with Potato Purée, Braised Greens and Roasted Carrots
Housemade Parker House Rolls served with Gammelgarden Creamery Butter

Dessert:  Brownie Sundaes

Price per person: $45 (plus tax + gratuity) | Optional wine service available throughout dinner with select bottles of wine offered between $26 and $30 each.

East Mountain Farm Pork Dinner

Bitter Greens Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette
Whole Roast Pork Shoulder served with Carolina BBQ Sauce, Charred Winter Greens, Berleberg Cheese, Soft-boiled Eggs, Crispy Pig Ears and an Assortment of Mustards and Pickles
Warm Housemade Epi Bread

Dessert:  Soft Warm Pretzels with Maple-Bacon Glaze

Price per person: $45 (plus tax + gratuity) | Optional wine service available throughout dinner with select bottles of wine offered between $26 and $30 each.

Italian Feast

Seasonal Green Salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grana Padano + Chilies
Antipasti Platter and Baked Stuffed Clams
Two Family-style Housemade Pasta Dishes:  one vegetarian option + one featuring locally-raised meats
Garlic Bread

Dessert:  Tiramisu

Price per person: $45 (plus tax + gratuity) | Optional wine service available throughout dinner with select bottles of wine offered between $26 and $30 each.

Taco Night

Housemade Guacamole + Chips
Pork Carnitas or Spice-rub Roasted Carrot Tacos served with stacks of Corn Tortillas, Refried Heirloom Beans, Cotija Cheese, Rice, Seasonal Vegetable Slaw and garnishes of Cilantro, Mint, Scallions and Limes, plus Salsa Verde, Salsa Roja and Hot Sauce

Dessert:  Lime Ice Cream and Sopapilla

Price per person: $45 (plus tax + gratuity) | Optional wine service available throughout dinner with select bottles of wine offered between $26 and $30 each.